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Navajo Language Renaissance is the sole owner of Rosetta Stone Navajo. Rosetta Stone Ltd. does not sell or receive any funds from the sale of Rosetta Stone Navajo. Since Navajo Language Renaissance is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, all proceeds go toward the production of Navajo Language revitalization materials such as the language proficiency test for Level 1 and the workbooks designed for use with Levels 1 and 2.


Starting July 2020, Rosetta Stone Navajo online subscriptions will be available for use on mobile devices and desktop in homes, schools, libraries, and Chapter Houses across the Navajo Nation and beyond. With the Online Student Management Program, teachers of Navajo are able to plan group or individual lessons, keep track of students' time on each exercise, record their scores and transfer their records to other folders.

We want to stress that this software should not be thought of as a replacement for existing Navajo language programs, but rather as a supplement to help revitalize the language of the Diné. Educational studies show that the stronger a child's command of his native language, the more quickly and proficiently he will learn and achieve in a second language. Also, proficiency in a common language strengthens the community bond between young and old.